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Whether for business or pleasure, traveling abroad gives you an opportunity to explore new cultures. To prevent unexpected illnesses when traveling outside the United States, you should schedule a travel medicine appointment with the experienced team at ANWAN Wellness Medical Center prior to your trip. The team can provide all the tools you need to make sure your trip is spent exploring and not nursing an illness in your hotel room. To schedule your travel medicine appointment, contact one of the offices in Tucker or Hapeville, Georgia, by phone or online today.

Travel Medicine

What is travel medicine?

Travel medicine is a medical specialty focused on ensuring you stay well when traveling outside the United States. The experienced team at ANWAN Wellness Medical Center stays up to date on current health issues affecting other areas of the world and can provide the care and knowledge you need to ensure you don’t get sick when traveling. 

Most importantly, travel medicine at ANWAN Wellness Medical Center focuses on ensuring you’re protected against contagious diseases by providing vaccines to shield you from germs not common in the United States, as well as updating your current vaccinations.

The types of vaccinations you need may depend on your destination. Some of the most common include:

  • Typhoid fever
  • Meningococcus
  • Yellow fever
  • Rabies
  • Hepatitis A and B

The team may suggest updating your tetanus shot and getting your annual flu shot, if not already done.

When should I schedule a travel medicine appointment?

Vaccines work by stimulating your immune system to create antibodies to support your fight against the germ when you come in contact with it so you don’t get sick. It takes your body a few weeks to build up this immunity, so you should schedule your travel medicine appointment at least four weeks prior to your travel date to ensure you’re fully protected.

However, the team at ANWAN Wellness Medical Center suggests you contact the office as soon as your travel plans are set so they can ensure you get all the care you need in a timely fashion.

What can I expect during a travel medicine appointment?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation when you come in to see one of the medical experts at ANWAN Wellness Medical Center for a travel medicine appointment. During your evaluation, the team reviews your itinerary, medical history, and your medication and supplement use.

To keep you safe on your journey, the team provides the necessary vaccinations. Your provider also talks to you about how to travel with your prescription medication and may suggest you pack additional medications to manage symptoms if you do get sick while abroad. They also review water and food safety guidelines to prevent foodborne illness.

To get timely medical care before your trip abroad, contact ANWAN Wellness Medical Center by phone or online to schedule your travel medicine appointment today.