Hair Restoration With PRP Specialist

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When hair loss negatively impacts your self-confidence, the medical team at ANWAN Wellness Medical Center offers innovative hair restoration solutions. At their offices in Tucker and Hapeville, Georgia, the regenerative medicine specialists harness your body’s own healing ability by using PRP therapy to regrow healthy, new hair. To find out if you’re a candidate for hair restoration with PRP, contact the ANWAN Wellness Medical Center office nearest you today by phone or by using the online booking feature.

Hair Restoration with PRP

How does PRP help with hair restoration?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is found in your body. This substance is beneficial to your body’s self-healing ability. PRP contains special growth factor proteins that stimulate new cell growth.

When used in hair restoration therapy, the team at ANWAN Wellness Medical Center can treat inactive or dysfunctional hair follicles, triggering the growth of your own natural hair.

Your provider can determine if you’re a candidate for hair restoration with PRP after a thorough review of your medical history and a discussion of your expectations for treatment.

What’s involved in hair restoration with PRP?

Hair restoration with PRP is done in several steps. During your appointment, your ANWAN Wellness Medical Center provider draws a sample of your blood. They first process the sample in a centrifuge that quickly spins the blood to separate the PRP from other materials. This process produces a high concentration of plasma needed for your treatment.

Your provider follows a custom treatment plan to deliver PRP injections directly into certain areas of your scalp. You may need multiple injections to achieve optimal results, and your doctor can discuss how many appointments you need based on the severity and location of your hair loss.

How long does it take to see the results of hair restoration with PRP?

While PRP can be highly effective at stimulating new hair growth, the results aren’t immediate. It takes time for your hair follicles to start producing new, healthy hair. PRP injections stimulate increased blood flow to the follicles, and you can start seeing an improvement in hair growth and thickness in the weeks and months after your treatment.

In the months after treatment, your results continue to improve. Your ANWAN Wellness Medical Center regenerative medicine specialist may recommend additional maintenance injections of PRP spaced several months apart to help you achieve your desired results.

What are the benefits of hair restoration with PRP?

Hair restoration with PRP is an option for people who want to revitalize their appearance and enjoy healthier hair.

PRP injections are much less invasive than other hair restoration methods, including hair transplants. Because the ANWAN Wellness Medical Center team uses your own blood to obtain PRP, you don’t have to worry about the side effects that come with rejection or other health complications.

Because the hair that grows after treatment is all yours, your results look natural and last for the long term.

To find out if hair restoration with PRP is right for you, schedule an appointment at ANWAN Wellness Medical Center today by calling the office nearest you or by requesting a consultation online now.