Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

The practice of integrative medicine is often not understood by the layperson. What is Integrative Medicine? It is the combination of conventional medicine and alternative medicine that is used to maximize a person’s health.

The best practitioners of integrative medicine are holistic minded medical practitioners. They have studied from the text of medicine and know the science of the body. When these practitioners receive additional training in natural health, you have a practitioner that knows when to use prescription drugs versus natural remedies and when they should be combined.

Natural remedies are the safest but tend to work slower because they are not drugs. When you are acutely ill you will want relief fast that is when prescription drugs are best used. They are also used for chronic conditions until lifestyle and natural remedies can take effect. Many conventional practitioners don’t believe that lifestyle changes can occur permanently so they don’t waste time consulting with patients, they just prescribe drugs because it is quick and easy, the “pill fix”.

The practitioners at the ANWAN Wellness Medical Center are trained in traditional conventional medicine, board-certified in their respective discipline but also have additional training in holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise therapy, stress management, anti-aging and physical medicine. They utilize a holistic approach to patient care, looking at the physical, social, nutritional and spiritual aspect to every patient they treat. ANWAN practitioners also emphasize the importance of preventative medicine and care, as well as therapeutic lifestyle changes.

They specialize in:

  • Primary Care Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
  • Nutritional and Weight Loss treatments
  • Herbal Medicine to treat common conditions
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Longevity Medicine: Anti-Aging Medicine utilizing natural plant based hormones and bio-identical hormone replacement
  • Autonomic Nervous System Testing
  • Cardiovascular Disease Assessment utilizing the Digital Pulse Analyzer
  • Podiatry Care and Gastroenterology Specialties

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