About Us

Dr. Christie’s Philosophy

When I started ANWAN Wellness, I envisioned a healthcare company that focused on disease prevention and wellness. I was told time and time again that there is no market for wellness but I persisted in my venture I asked myself “how can there not be a market for wellness when healthcare costs have continued to accelerate at an alarming rate?” Employer-sponsored healthcare benefits are being trimmed because of their high cost and impact on the company’s bottom line. I reasoned that if the cost of treating disease continued in the same manner, prevention of these same illnesses must soon take center stage. The increasing financial burdens being placed on employees will make them more accountable for preventing disease instead of “fixing” the problem with a pill or surgical procedure.

The real problem that healthcare in this country faces is one of over utilization of high cost, high technology services. Many of the prevalent diagnoses are truly preventable though lifestyle modifications. Our main approach is to educate clients on the most efficient, cost-effective and prudent strategies to maintaining and improving their health. We utilize the triad of good nutrition, exercise, and spirituality. Let’s look at the nation’s number one killer “cardiovascular disease,” the cause of heart attack, strokes, and vascular disease. The development of this disease was rare before the start of the twentieth century when our lifestyle focuses on natural, unprocessed foods, active labor and a reliance on a supernatural being. With the industrialization of our continent, we have become more sedentary, eat more adulterated processed foods and have relied on technological advances in medicine to cure all of our ailments.

ANWAN Wellness utilizes a holistic approach to good health. We teach our clients that they are responsible for their health and the activities that they engage in with their bodies truly dictates how long they will live. The body is a temple and must be treated with respect by feeding it the nutrients, activity and relaxation that it craves to work with maximum efficiency. Sure our genes play a role in what disease may develop in our lives. However, we must also realize that many of these diseases would not develop unless the environmental conditions allowed them to emerge. For example, there are various types of cancer that express themselves in overweight, stressed and smoking individuals. If these same individuals did not gain excessive body weight, smoke and had strategies to minimize stress in their lives, the chance of developing cancer would be reduced to almost zero.

Our patients become our partners in achieving their health goals. Our team of Doctors, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Medical Assistants are all trained in proactive holistic medical care. Our first step is to perform a full history and physical exam to help identify high-risk individuals for heart disease, cancer, and stress related disorders. Our first line of treatment is with lifestyle changes consisting of the triad of good nutrition, exercise, and spirituality. Every patient is given an eating guide called our natural carbohydrate nutrition plan. Exercise is the best form of preventive medicine and highly encouraged and based on the individual’s athletic capacity. Stress management techniques are also discussed with an emphasis on spiritual coping strategies.

The key to good health is through lifestyle modification focused on preventing disease. To quote Ern Baxter, heart attack survivor, “if you don’t take charge of your lifestyle, your lifestyle will take charge of you.” We provide clients with tools to take charge of their lifestyle and improve their health outcome individually and the nation collectively.

About Privia Medical Group

Our practice is a proud member of Privia Medical Group - a physician-led, multi-speciality, national medical group. The nation’s top primary care physicians and specialists came together to form Privia Medical Group and share in the mission of providing better, more coordinated care to patients.

Our group focuses on taking accountability for the health and wellness of the patients we serve. We use some of the latest advances in medicine to help our patients remain healthy and better manage disease by offering our patients access to innovative health management technologies, proactive team-based care, and an evidenced-based, patient-centered approach.

Here’s what sets Privia Medical Group apart from traditional practices:

Top Doctors

  • Nationally recognized top physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Physician-led, high-performance medical group
  • Unhurried, comprehensive visits, with time to develop the right care plan
  • Personalized care that exceeds your expectations

Proactive Care

  • Collaborative, team-based medical group
  • Staffed with Health Coaches, Nurse Educators, Pharmacists, and Care Managers
  • Same-day/next-day appointments available
  • Care reminders and alerts
  • Check ins with clinical experts between your office visits

Convenient Technology

  • Book appointments and renew prescriptions online
  • Send and receive secure messages with your care team
  • Secure access to electronic medical records
  • Pay your invoices by credit card, securely and conveniently

State-of-the Art Security and Privacy

We go to extreme lengths to ensure our patients’ information remains confidential and secure.

Not only is our team trained in modern privacy standards (such as HIPAA and PCI compliance), but we also keep your information secure with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption, firewalls, secure servers (including 24/7 surveillance and biometric access), and many more measures to ensure your information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

To learn more about Privia Medical Group and find other Privia doctors, please visit our website